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Money & Mental Health: Resources to help you cope with financial anxiety

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If you have found yourself worrying about money lately you aren’t alone. With everything from fuel to food prices continuing to rise, many of us are finding our income isn’t going as far as it used to, making money anxiety more common than ever.

Money anxiety for most people stems from the fear of not being able to cope with current money challenges, or even the ones that lie ahead.

All of it can feel quite overwhelming at times, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve put together a list of resources to help you deal with common challenges one step at a time and hopefully help reduce some of the anxiety you might be feeling.


Are you worried about paying bills?

  • Watch this webinar on managing the rising cost of housing
  • Read this blog to find out what support is available for UK households and make sure you’re not missing out
  • Take action using the Salary Finance budget planner

Has the rising cost of everyday essentials been on your mind?

  • Watch this webinar on how to cope with the cost of living squeeze
  • Read this blog from Money Saving Expert on all the ways you can cut your food bill by £1000s
  • Take action using the cost of living survival kit on Money Saving Expert

Is paying off debt on your priority list?

  • Watch this webinar to understand the different methods to pay off debt
  • Read this guide on debt consolidation to see if you could save money in unpaid interest
  • Take action by finding out what support is available through Salary Finance

Do you often think about not having enough savings?

  • Watch this video on the steps you can take to build an emergency fund
  • Read this blog on how to get started - no matter what your situation
  • Take action by downloading this infographic full of ideas and tips on how you can create extra cash 
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