14 modules of financial education content

FDIC Money Smart Training

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The FDIC Money Smart curriculum consists of 14 modules of financial education content. By completing these modules, you'll come away with practical knowledge, new skills, and resources you can use to manage your finances with confidence!

Click on the module titles below to start that particular module (clicking will automatically download the PDF guide to your local file system.) 

  1. Module 1: Your Money Values and Influences 
  2. Module 2: You Can Bank On It 
  3. Module 3: Your Income and Expenses 
  4. Module 4: Your Spending and Saving Plan 
  5. Module 5: Your Savings 
  6. Module 6: Credit Reports and Scores 
  7. Module 7: Borrowing Basics
  8. Module 8: Managing Debt 
  9. Module 9: Using Credit Cards 
  10. Module 10: Building Your Financial Future 
  11. Module 11: Protecting Your Identity and Other Assets 
  12. Module 12: Making Housing Decisions
  13. Module 13: Buying a Home
  14. Module 14: Disasters--Financial Preparation and Recovery