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Money resolutions to make this new year

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You’ve seen the ads. This time of year, we’re all being guilt-tripped into signing up for the gym, but have you considered whether you’re financially fit? 

The start of the year is the perfect time to think about what money changes you can make that will have a big impact on your spending habits across your whole year. 

Here are three simple steps that you could do right here, right now:

Make a date with your finances

Keep on top of your finances by booking a monthly appointment with yourself to review your money management. 

Use the time to pay bills, review your budget, or simply pat yourself on the back for any debt repayments or savings you’ve achieved. Scheduling time to check in on your spending will help prevent issues like unpaid debts or overspending - giving you the peace of mind of knowing exactly where your hard earned money is going and keeping you in control.

Trim your spending

Getting smarter with spending doesn’t have to involve a huge lifestyle overhaul - implementing small habits over time makes a big difference. 

Try writing down everything you spend a week - or check your debit or credit card spend online for the week that’s just finished. 

Anything look a little scary? We’ve all spent way too much food in the supermarket because we didn’t prepare a shopping list? And then found a lot of it ending up in the bin… so think about where you can stop throwing your money away.

Make a note of the areas where you tend to overspend, and see if you could simply reduce that amount the following week. Keeping an eye on your pennies makes sure you’re in control of exactly where it’s going. 

Factor in fun

Make this the year you’re not caught off guard by social spending. Some months are more expensive than others whether there’s drinks after work or a wedding to attend, but you can enjoy it all without stress if you plan ahead.

Before each month starts, look at what plans you have coming up. Based on your budget, decide ahead of time how much money you can allocate to each event, and be honest with friends, family and yourself about what you can and cannot afford. 

Planning for social spending on a regular basis helps you build fun experiences into your budget, without the stress of a good time leading to a financial hangover. 


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