Money Insights Box Sets

Season 1 : Taking More Control Of Your Money

Money can be complex and confusing, but we’ve got your back.
Our short videos explain what you need to know and what you need to do to be better with money.

Episode 1 (3.22 mins)
Why take more control of your money?

We kick off season 1 by looking at why you might want more control over your money.

Episode 2 (4.57 mins)
Creating smart sustainable spending habits

In this episode we look at why you must become a smart spender and how to do so.

Episode 3 (7.11 mins)
Building an emergency fund

In this episode we explain the role of an emergency fund and how to get one started.

Episode 4 (8.55 mins)
How to tackle expensive debt

In this episode we show how to get expensive debt out of your life.

Episode 5 (5.26 mins)
Building your cash reserve fund

In this episode we look at taking your cash reserve beyond an emergency fund.

Episode 6 (7.46 mins)
Building a good credit score

In this episode we explain what a credit score is and how to improve yours.

Episode 7 (10 mins)
Insuring your greatest asset

In this episode we set out the role of insurance in your basic planning.

Episode 8 (5.25 mins)
What we’ve covered in this Insight season

In this episode we summarise the key points covered in season 1 of Money Insights, so you can build goodmoney foundations.

Season 2: Building personal wealth


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